Propellerhead ReBirth Free Download, Torrent!

Propellerheads Software has released ReBirth for free! You can download this program at the ReBirth Museum, a website setup to illustrate the history, community and development of ReBirth. It looks like Propellerheads will be focusing on Reason now.

Propellerheads Rebirth

The Propellerhead’s Rebirth Software Synthesizer.

On September 1, 2005, Propellerhead Software announced that the era or ReBirth had come to an end and create the Rebirth Museum to commemorate its history. Visitors are welcome to tour the website, learn about it’s developers and community, and take home a special memento: ReBirth RB 338- itself!

You will have to register for the site to get to the download page. When this program was initially offered for download, the servers where crawling to a halt because of all the traffic. A day later there was torrent files uploaded and these are the official ones from Propellerhead.

UPDATE: The torrent links no longer work, get to the site!

Make sure to login and check out the mods for Rebirth, there are plenty of cool ones to download with different sounds and skins! At the moment, my favorite is the Red Stripe mod. I’m probably bias though because it’s one of my favorite beers. Speaking of…

/off to get some Red Stripe…