Sound Samples

Moog Modular and Emu Modular

  • Moog Vibes – 8 Samples of strange vibrations from the Moog Modular.
  • Moog Bass – Deep bass drops from the Moog Modular.
  • Moog Robotics – Glitchy, robot yelps from the Moog Modular.
  • Moog Modular – More fun with the Moog Modular.
  • Emu vs. Moog – 11 cord patches between the Moog and Emu Modular.
  • Emu Modular  – Distorted and noisy envelope follower samples.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Roland JP-8000

Alesis Micron

Waldorf Microwave XT

Drums Kits and Home Recordings

About the Sound Samples

These Sound Samples are for use in your music production, performances or any other works. All of these samples are at least 16-bit, 44.1Hz quality and the majority are one-shot based samples. The sound samples are licensed for free use, please read before using.


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