Sound Samples

Moog Modular and Emu Modular

Moog Vibes – 8 Samples of strange vibrations from the Moog Modular.
Moog Bass – Deep bass drops from the Moog Modular.
Moog Robotics – Glitchy, robot yelps from the Moog Modular.
Moog Modular – More fun with the Moog Modular.
Emu vs. Moog – 11 cord patches between the Moog and Emu Modular.
Emu Modular  – Distorted and noisy envelope follower samples.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Prophet Strings – 3 distorted hoover-like string sounds.
Prophet Zaps – 8 zappy and zippity blips bellowing prophetically.

Roland JP-8000

JP Genetics Kit – 6 samples of warm and modular stabs.
Deep Bass Kit – Nice and hard hitting bass from the JP-8000.
JP Weird Kit – 12 strange electronic bleeps and modulated noise.

Alesis Micron

Micron Growls – Dirty and digital swells from the Micron.
Micron Drum Kit – A collection of drum hits from drum loops.

Waldorf Microwave XT

Waldorf Grit – 7 samples of nasty echoed stabs from the synth.
Waldorf Fuzz – 7 sounds of heavily processed digital sweeps.
Waldorf Bass – Heavy, digital and dark bass fresh from the Microwave.
Waldorf Bings – 4 samples of electronic dings, short stabs.
Waldorf Bass 2 – 13 samples, a continuation from the first pack.
Waldorf Bass 3 – 15 samples! Will rattle things that shouldn’t rattle.
Waldorf Robot Murder – 8 samples of a robot meeting his maker.
Waldorf Dusty Sweeps – 5 distorted eerie sweeps.
Waldorf Binary Drop – Pitch bent modulations from the Waldorf.
Waldorf Spine Salad – I hate when I find spines in my salad.
Waldorf Revive – The Revival will not be televised.
Waldorf Bubble – Pitch warped, bubble goodness.
Waldorf Bubble Bass – 5 bass drops.
Waldorf Echo – Echoed perfection, stabbing delays.
Waldorf Sweeps – Digital and beautiful sweeps from the orange!

Drums Kits and Home Recordings

Alien Hihats Kit – Processed sharp one-hits from a lamp squeaking.
Perturbed Kit – Crusty and dirty snares versus clean drum kit.
Decimate Kit – Collection of random and custom one hit samples.
Frog Ambience – A symphony of frogs, random rhythms.
Tree Frog Kit – Processed single shots of the frog sounds.

About the Sound Samples

These Sound Samples are for use in your music production, performances or any other works. All of these samples are at least 16-bit, 44.1Hz quality and the majority are one-shot based samples. The sound samples are licensed for free use, please read before using.

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