Buchla 200e Modular, Moog Synthesizer Demo

Buchla 200e Modular Synth

The 200e Modular Synth.

On this week’s podcast from Science Friday, Ira Flatow hosted a segment about Remembering Bob Moog. Check out the article or listen to the mp3 download. Some of the highlights are discussed below. The guest on the show was Lawrence Fritts, who is the director of the Electronic Music Studios at The University of Iowa.

He pointed out that there was actually simultaneous development of the first voltage controlled modular synthesizer at the same time as Bob Moog was working on the Moog Modular. On the other side of America, Don Buchla was busy with his own modular synth creation. Buchla and Moog had agreed to share credit for the development of the modular synth. A quick peak of Buchla’s site, I found this gem, the 200e Electric Music Box.

The synth has modules such as the Triple Morphing Filter, Quad Dynamics Generator and even a MIDI Controller / Preset Manager. Very expensive though, with the 18 panel unit costing almost $20,000! Lawrence Fritts also let listeners know that there are mp3 demos from the Moog Synthesizer available on the Electronic Music Studios site for the University of Iowa. It features narration from Peter Tod Lewis about all of the different modules on the Moog Modular. Check it out!