A Website Update Finally? For Whom?

This thing follows me everywhere.

The galvanized technophile clicks publish on his latest composition, which is certain to bring internet stardom, anonymous donations and hopefully free cookies. He sits only illuminated by the blue glow of the monitor, anticipating the onslaught of page views. They trickle like Reaganomics. As time goes on, as it’s known to do, enthusiasm begins to wane. His writings become less out of habit and more out of necessity. Then to begrudgingly avoid neglect.

His creativity machine grinds to a halt like a factory shutdown. He carefully constructs the inevitable apology to his 3 readers. The blogging software goes out of date. Comment spam starts to take over. He has failed at the internet and regrettably joins Facebook.

Personal websites and blogs not entangled by the tentacles of the large social media monsters are declining. If you want to just share links or photos with friends, there are specific social media services for it. Seems a bit redundant to post a link to a photograph on Facebook when you could just post the photo itself. I have observed the interesting balance, and now, tipping point between social media and personal websites over the last few years.

Attempting to convert friends to readers of your blog without some aspect of social media seems like a futile activity. Or maybe you just don’t have anything interesting enough to say. Or, maybe someone else, somewhere else has already randomly said it and it was posted to Facebook. I have witnessed the concept of the human collective conscious were two members of a society can come to the same exact idea based on sheer probability of past experiences. Does this make it easier to fall into obscurity with so many similar thoughts? Or, bring us together?

Is a personal blog just a chronicle of our thoughts, works and reflexions illustrating our passions? Or, an exercise in documentation and a waste of time? Where does narcissism come into play, especially when considering art? Is it just subconscious artifice to uniquely identify us when we are all so similar already? A lot of people write, compose and create art just for themselves as a channel. It’s something you have to do. You put a pen in your hand and a blank sheet in front of you; the words pour out like buckets. It isn’t limited to the arts, it could be any hobby.

I’m not sure about the future of Blue Distortion henceforth. I will be uploading a new full length Blue Distortion album. I have aspired to do this for over a year after endless and tiring site redesigns. Talk about insanity. I’m concerned about the future of the podcast as it was taxing time wise. With the podcast now being a part of the actual blog itself, it should be easier to manage as long as people send me direct links to mp3s. Or, maybe that will never get updated.

There will be more sound samples posted from the archives of the old forums, I know people download and link to those the most. Possibly some recipes for vegetarians/vegans I would like to share. Random thoughts. With this new digital soap box, or yours, I hope you read and are inspired to do something you love. I hope I am, too.