Hauntology is a concept within the philosophy of history first introduced by Jacques Derrida in his 1993 work Spectres of Marx and further developed within various critical disciplines in the early 21st century.

It is closely related to Derrida’s deconstruction of Western philosophy’s metaphysics of presence, which argues fundamentally that being is not equivalent to presence. Claiming that there is no temporal point of pure origin but only the time of the always already, deconstruction identifies “haunting [as] the state proper to being as such.”

“Hauntology,” then, describes the resulting state of temporal, historical, and ontological disjunction in which “the priority of being and presence [is replaced by] the figure of the ghost as that which is neither present, nor absent, neither dead nor alive.”


aji.io – underground peppers + #ajiwave

In the shadowy corners of the internet, a peculiar entity takes root, sprouting from the fires of the aji pepper and it’s underappreciated aesthetics.

You are cordially invited to embark on this spicy expedition at aji.io – a realm where peppers, #spicewave, basil, and face-melting recipes mix in a dance of culinary class.

Be warned, this website is no ordinary affair. It thrives in the underground, a haven for those who dare to flirt with the forbidden perhaps even with those of illegal variety, that defy the very boundaries of botanical propriety. So, tread lightly, and let the siren call of https://aji.io lead you into a world of intrigue, spice, and the promise of peppers from the past and future alike.

Cat and Toast Spinning GIF

It is widely known this process does generate perpetual energy based on recent case studies out of Cambridge University. A lesser known fact is Cats enjoy the spinning motion, purring the entire time creating a slightly more efficient spin.

The Lunar Eclipse And Thoughts On Ramtha’s Eclipsophobia

You know, I think it’s quite unsatisfactory that the moon would pick such an early hour in the morning to eclipse. People have jobs, deadlines and other obligations preventing us from staying up all evening. If I could guess, the channeled spirit of “Ramtha” had something to do with this.

It’s about time we begin sending letters to the Moon to protest this outrageousty, surely preventing any further unwelcome lunar eclipse scheduling conflicts. It just so happens that a total solar eclipse will take place on 13-14 November, 2012. Cue up the tofu barbecue, tin foil hats and conspiracy theories: this one hasn’t happened since July 11, 1725. However, much like the sneaky tricks of the Moon, it will only be visible in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

Start saving up to travel to one of these fabulous destinations, or, start transmitting the Sun staunchly and sternly worded letters demanding expanded coverage for other countries. The choice is yours.