Taylor Swift Tampa Concert Review, 2023

In 2023, Taylor Swift played in Tampa for 3 nights straight. It was a big deal for Tampa, and so many people were talking about the concert. I can say for sure, the show on Saturday, April 15th, 2023 did not disappoint. It was such an important show for me and so many other fans.

On this date in history, I did something… not for me. I am agoraphobic to a small degree at this point in my life, exacerbated by Covid. My love for my wife made going a non-negotiable, but I had to be persuaded to go and I was not a happy camper. The lead up to the concert was me filled with anxiety.

Death Grips – Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber)

I ♥︎ Death Grips.

I believe that MAYBE Death Grips are time travelers that have studied the heaviest and abrasive of music from the future and brought it back with them to share with us peasants.

From the opening bars of speed metal satisfaction, to the disjointed vocal delivery destroying you at the end of the mix–Steroids is quite a ride, and definitely worth obsessing over.

Bathe in you like Bathory, bathe in you like Bathory
Bathe in you like Bathory, bathe in you like Bathory
Bathe in you like Bathory, bathe in you like Bathory
Bathe in you like Bathory, bathe in you like Bathory

DNA-snipping protein called Cas9

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientists have created a portrait of a DNA-snipping protein called Cas9 that reveals how the enzyme reshapes itself when it associates with an RNA molecule, creating a channel that lets it find and cleave its DNA target. The protein-RNA complex is a key component of a primitive bacterial immune system called CRISPR, and is also being used by researchers to cut specific DNA sequences in the laboratory for genome editing applications.


Unutella by Nuito is DOPE


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Salvador Dali – Ange Pi-Mesonic Review

Update: Dali was a nazi. Leaving this up because it’s the first hit for this painting, Ange Pi-Mesonic. That way, some lucky people will be reminded that all of your heroes have fallen.


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Salvador Dali can be credited for being one of the greatest surrealist artists of all time. One of his accomplishments, Ange Pi-Mesonic, in my opinion, is truly one of his greatest and least praised works as an artist. The title of the picture can be translated as Pi-Mesonic Angel, a very strange yet suitable title. The word meson alludes to a class of elementary subatomic particles that participate in strong interactions, which forms the basis of the painting. This work is vigorous, effectual, and full of energy. It is a depiction of nuclear chaotic forces interacting in perfect unison.

Ange Pi-Mesonic was started in 1957 and completed in 1958. A vast majority of Dali’s pieces are oil on canvas. This illustration is just a little bigger than a regular sheet of paper. He used ink, pencil and a small amount of gouache to complete this piece. The picture may represent a dream of his, as most of his works appear to do. There is no real style association here, but it was labeled as divisionistic art. This does not adequately classify the drawing because divisionism is defined as a sub genre of neoimpressionism in which colors are divided into their components and mechanically arranged so that the eye organizes the shape. The eye cannot organize the shape of this piece, and thus the expectation that there is more than the basis of divisionism at work here. Divisionism, as defined from a scientific view, was a principle studied by Werner Heisenburg. This scientist suggested that matter might have several forms harmoniously coexisting within a single structure. It is strange that a scientific principle can label the work instead of a style of painting such as impressionism or renaissance.