Waldorf Microwave XT Sound Samples

Well, I am back sooner than expected with even more Waldorf Microwave XT Samples, a continuation from the previous entry. I have been getting some great sounds out of it lately, working the XT much like a an old school analog modular synth. Digital, strange and evil sounds have been emanating quite easily from this orange monster. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Waldorf Microwave XT Sound Samples (5 packs)
Waldorf Bass 3 – 15 samples! Will rattle things that shouldn’t rattle.
Waldorf Spine Salad – I hate when I find spines in my salad.
Waldorf Revive – The Revival will not be televised.
Waldorf Bubble – Pitch warped, bubble goodness.
Waldorf Bubble Bass – 5 bass drops.

These will also be available on the sound samples page shortly. Enjoy.